Opéra : Parlons d’amour, l’opéra dont vous êtes le héros
8 November 2019
Durbuy (Barvaux), BELGIUM
Centre Culturel de Durbuy
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New production at Durbuy Cultural Center, including works by Emmanuel Chabrier and Gian Carlo Menotti

This is an audience-included opera performance, where the public is taking an active part to the show

Director : Natacha Kowalski

Lighting : Jean-Louis Bonmariage

Singers : Zoé Gosset, soprano / Julie Bailly, Anaïs Brullez, m-sopranos / Antoni Sykopoulos, barytone / Daniel Ottevaer, bass

Pianists : Ayrton Desimpelaere / Virgile Van Essche